Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy Changes!

This week I've buddied up with a friend and we began working-out together at each other's houses.  Granted, it's only our second day but this has been a great thing for me - both mentally & physically.

Physically - I'm already a bit sore but I feel great for making the commitment to exercise daily for up to 60 minutes.  Plus, I have to friend to do it with - it's fun to talk & workout at the same time, the time flies!

Mentally - what a great stress relief!!  My friend has also mentioned how good she feels afterwards too. 

Of course, this isn't anything new to me.  I've gone through spurts before of working out and feeling the benefits from it.  But this time, I'm making the commitment with someone else.  I've never worked out daily with a buddy before.  Our kids are on the same little league team so we've committed to working out for the full 6-week season and hopefully by then the habit will stick and we can continue throughout the winter.  We have enough exercise equipment & DVD videos at home to keep it fresh & fun without getting boring.

Go ahead & make some Happy Changes in your life to benefit your overall well-being.  Give it a chance to become and habit and appreciate the rewards.  For me, I have a great pair of jeans hanging on my closet door and I can't wait to wear them!!!


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