Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Working it Out Wednesday: Giveaways!

Summer is soon upon us and with it comes Summer Reading!!!  To add to your summer reading list we will be having some random summer giveaways on our blog over the next few months.  The key is to stay tuned and keep reading our blog.  Our giveaways are to add to the fun of summer but also a token of our appreciation for following & enjoying our blog.

Now, regarding summer reading, I've added a current photo of my nightstand reading.  Currently, I'm enjoying a Harlequin Nocturne book called The Beholder by Connie Hall and as soon as I've finished it I'll read another Nocturne novel called Ghost Stalker by Jenna Kernan.  A fun read I heard about was Bite Me by Christopher Moore so I'm hoping to read that soon too. 
Books currently on my night stand...

For anyone loving Star Wars and Crafts I would like to recommend The Star Wars Craft Book by Bonnie Burton.  The book has fun & easy, "no sew" crafts.  In fact, some of my own crafts are photographed in this book and I admit that they were easy to make and the end results were really cute.  I made a Star Wars T-shirt throw pillow and a Star Wars T-shirt tote.

Finally - who's loving Game of Thrones on HBO?  After each episode I literally sit there and think "wow".  Plus, I'm totally loving Jason Momoa as the strong & sexy Khal Drogo.  I recently got the boxed set written by George R.R. Martin since I'm loving the HBO story so much and am not anticipating the end of the season.  Yet, these are lengthy books so they're not going to be quick reads but I have all summer. 

So what's on your summer-must-read list?  Go ahead and share your summer reading recommendations...

Happy Reading!!!



  1. I love contests. I want to win!

  2. I'm 100 pages away from finishing A Storm of Swords (book 3 in a Song of Ice and Fire).

    There are plenty of shocks to keep you up reading way too late at night.