Sunday, May 22, 2011

Manic Monday: Conversations

Penises are like snowflakes. This is what I declared to a couple of friends during drinks this weekend. They aren't all the same and should not be compared; each is uniquely made and maintained. My friends listened to my declaration and laughed at me. So, okay, it's not the greatest analogy, but it works.

We didn't start off talking about sex; far from it, we had just come from a work event. We were laughing and talking about different things; somehow, though, our conversation ended up there. In recalling the conversation Sunday, I smiled to myself. Then I did what I often do: I analyzed it. I wondered why conversations inevitably lead to sex. Do they really lead there, or is it just with certain friends? Is it an uncomfortable topic to discuss?

What do you all think? Do you feel comfortable talking about it? And do your conversations with friends eventually lead to topics related to sex? Or is it just my conversations? ;)

I'm curious to read your thoughts!

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Michele, your opening sentence above still makes me laugh, even though we had this conversation the other morning.  I'm happy you had a great time with your friends and that this hilarious analogy was something you could share with us all.

I too talked about "balls" this weekend, but they were baseballs (sorry for the bad pun!).  I spent the entire weekend at the little league fields.  Regarding conversations, though, I have one that was quite memorable.

Between baseball games on Saturday afternoon, we had less than an hour for the family to eat lunch before my 8 year old son needed to get back to the little league complex for his game.  As soon as we got in the car my 2 year old son fell asleep in his car seat on the way to the local Dairy Queen.  The older boys went inside to eat with their uncle and grandpa. 

Hot, tired, sweaty and hungry, my husband and I sat in the mini-van with our sleeping son and enjoyed a twenty minute lunch together.  Today is our 13 year wedding anniversary and although our DQ lunch wasn't roses, wine, and lobster, we had a great conversation and it became a very memorable moment. 

I hope you all had some fun and romantic conversations this weekend!

And as Michele said above, we'd love to hear your thoughts!



  1. Very funny stuff, ladies.

  2. One of my favorites. I'll even refrain from making jokes about trying to catch snowflakes on one's tongue. And yes, Saturday was great.

  3. Great post. I think conversations between friends easily transition to sex because sex is fun to talk about and yet it's still regarded by some (or is that many) as taboo to do so. When that level of comfort is achieved between friends or coworkers or whomever there is a fun release in talking about the forbidden. And Happy Anniversary!

  4. Happy Anniversary,(again!)Andrew ;) Thanks for the love (& trying to refrain from making a joke. lol!) -M

  5. Anonymous2,
    I agree about sex being fun to talk about (obviously!). I also think that- once that level of comfort is reached- it is also an important topic of conversation. There's a lot to learn about yourself and others! And of course, there's the fun release ;)

    Thanks for reading! And thank you, on Elena's behalf, for the Anniversary message!

  6. I thought I'd read Michele's opening line incorrectly. Went back and reread it. Still laughing. Then Elena took the topic and gave it an entirely different twist which turned out to be very poignant. You gals rock!

  7. Keep up the good work!

  8. Hey, people generally like to talk about things they enjoy, especially with people they enjoy talking to. It's seems logical that if you like talking to (insert person) and you like (insert thing), it's seems inevitable that the two will intersect at least somewhat often.

  9. Hellboy, Jr..
    LOL! I don't think I'm going to touch your comment! There seems to be a lot of inserting ;)

    Thanks for sharing your opinion!

  10. Catching snowflakes on my tongue is my favorite winter activity!! HAHA Pirates, and blowfish are also some of my favorite things... <3 Lindz