Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Living like a Bachelor

I arrived late last night in NYC - took Amtrak and have to say it was so quiet and relaxing on the 90 minute ride in.  I caught up on some reading that had accumulated during the week.  Once in the city, I immediately went to my brother's apartment (he's at my house watching my kids while I'm gone, we literally switched lives!) to get settled.  My first night alone for was very strange to say the least.  I'm married with 3 kids and pets so even if I escape to another room in the house to be "alone", I will either have a cat purring for my attention or I can hear the family in the other rooms. 

That wasn't the case last night and it was a bit unnerving.  Take advantage of it, you might say.  I did, I continued reading in fact.  I love, love, love magazines so I enjoyed the ones my brother has lying around his place, different than my usual Redbook or Parenting magazines I subscribe to.

I got engrossed in Men's Health magazine and now feel like powering up on protein powder and going to the gym to work on my biceps.  Actually, I'm a huge True Blood fan but not necessarily of Stephen Moyer, "Bill Compton", but I admit he's rocking the July/August '11 cover of this magazine.

As I was brushing my teeth last night I thought....I should document my "bachelor" days in NY this week.  I am attending a writing conference, which begins in a few hours from now, so I will be surrounded by scores of women (not such a bad thing if I was a male bachelor)...I do plan on visiting the dive bar that my brother frequents...and who knows what else will ensue. 

I'll have to keep you posted.



  1. Ha. That's a fun experiment about role reversals. You definately should do post about it.

  2. The dive bar should make for an interesting story.

  3. Lol! If you get 5 o'clock shadow, it's time to go home!! But seriously, I hope you enjoy the conference and the temporary peace and quiet. It would be interesting to hear how he fares living your life!

  4. This sounds like the plot of a comedy movie from the 80s. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

  5. The anticipation of these continuing adventues is killing me