Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Working It Out Wednesday: One Perspective

I can't draw. Period. But I love art and have always wanted to take oil painting classes. I attribute the fact that I never got around to taking classes to my insecurity about not being able to draw. Recently, I made myself sign up at a local school and started attending a couple of weeks ago.

There are four of us in the class. After our teacher told us about her background, she asked us to introduce ourselves. When it was my turn, I shared my nervousness due to my perceived lack of ability, but expressed my love for art and photography. Her response was warm and reassuring: she told me that oil painting is what you make of it and I shouldn't be worried because oils were very forgiving. My photography background would play a role in my painting experience, she said, and she was interested in seeing how it would enhance my work. Finally, she added that aside from being comfortable with mixing colors, perspective was what it was all about. 

I have thought about what she said since then and I realized that this was a great philosophy to have about many things. I am writing a trilogy with Elena as well as my own YA novel and even though I am new to all this and feel a similar nervousness, I need to keep writing. This will help in my becoming comfortable with the process of mixing together the characters, plot, and conflict. My perspective may not be the same as others, but that is what makes life wonderful: the differing ideas and views. And it's what will make my painting and writing unique since it will be enhanced by my own experiences. 

I should have taken classes a long time ago!

I hope you are enjoying our posts. We'd love to hear your perspective!

Happy Wednesday!
The picture I chose to replicate for class. Taken in Burano, Italy.


  1. Congrats for taking the leap and following your interest. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! :-)

  2. Great photo ;)! I'm happy your taking the classes, wish we could take them together =)

  3. Me, too, Jenny! And that refers to both being happy I'm taking the class and wishing you were taking it with me!

    Glad you are enjoying the blog!