Monday, May 9, 2011

Manic Monday: Connections

Mother's Day project from my youngest
Mother's Day: Sunday, May 8th, 2011.  Restaurants were busy, flowers were being delivered, phone calls were made to long-distance-Mother's, and people were spending time with their mom's.  I was at the zoo with my family, including my older brother and my father-in-law.  We all had a great day. I'd had a great conversation on the phone with my own mother who lives out of state.

Connections - my weekend was all about connections.  Sunday was a great day connecting with the family and focusing on relationships within the family.  Saturday I met with Michele and attended a meeting at our local writer's chapter and learned a bevy of information about book trailers (ours will be out later this year!!).  Before the meeting (which is held at a community center) we connected with our inner-Diva's in a morning Zumba class, what fun!!!  After the chapter meeting we connected at Ikea, brainstorming about our book & blog while we shopped.   Finally, Saturday night my family was invited to a friend's house for a BBQ, another connection that I was happy about.

My Mother's Day cards
Did I mention my brother from NYC was visiting too for my sons weekend baseball games?  More connections, family & baseball (my oldest son finally got out of his hitting slump & "connected" on a pitch and his run kept the inning going, ending with 2 runs for his team).

I hope you all had some great connections yourself this Mother's Day weekend. 



I started my weekend off high from an amazing workshop I had attended most of the week for work. The workshop was offered to my co-workers and I to enhance our work skills; however, we got so much more- especially on a personal level. It was extremely interactive and explored our journeys and dreams. It also provided us the opportunity to really spend time with one another since we only really see each other a maximum of twice per month. Plus, we made connections with others in our field with whom we are looking forward to attending more events.

The gifts I possess, as uncovered by my team. *Sniff*
During my "session" at the workshop, my team helped me explore my dreams by sharing a few personal stories, uncovering my gifts, and- ultimately- agreeing to action steps. The best part about it was learning how to visually record with images which was a great deal of fun (I now want to play with pastels!) One of the action steps I set and which will lead me closer to my dream is completing my work-in-progress books. Are you surprised writing came up?  

So on Saturday, as Elena mentioned, we learned about book trailers. The wonderful guest speaker repeated the fact that thinking in images was important, which can be difficult for authors. This was an interesting connection to me, that this presentation and my workshop dealt with thinking in images. Hmmm...coincidence? I'm going to enjoy working on our book trailer when the time comes!

After our meeting, we went to Ikea, which I love; it's like Disneyland to me. So we had to take pictures! (Who am I kidding? I take pictures in the produce section of the supermarket).

Elena being quiet at Ikea
Even at Ikea, you can find time to read!
Elena and I want this library.

The weekend ended with my connecting with my inner child. While at the bf's family's home, I spent time with his nieces, enjoying the beautiful day and then playing with Legos, matchbox cars, and our imaginations. 
Great ending to a fabulous weekend.

Happy Monday!


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