Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Working It Out Wednesday: Preparation

RWA (Romance Writers of America) National conference begins at end of June in NYC.  I am excited about attending this conference for several reasons.  First, my mother will be attending with me.  I rarely get to see my mom because we don't live close to one another so the fact that we will be together for a week is exciting for me.  My mother is a published author who, for the past 20 years, also manages literary marketing/social media/website design for author's via Booktalk / promotion details featured at TalkInk

I'm excited about networking and attending workshops.  I attended a writer's conference on a cruise ship in January and the networking was amazing.  I loved meeting author's, getting editor/agent feedback, and listening to current market insight at the workshops.  I left with such a renewed attitude and energy that's been feeding into my writing this year.  Mid-way through the year, RWA Nationals should propel my writing forward for the remaining months of  2011.

Preparation is key for me right now, though.  I'm in the process of writing the synopsis for two novels, as well as editing one novel and soon to begin editing the second.  I want to attend the conference with some really strong material.

It will be great to dress up, socialize, be in NYC (!!!), and absorb some really great information that can only benefit my attitude and my writing. 

May you all be preparing your novels for success as well.  Wish Michele & I luck!



  1. It sounds like a great opportunity for you both. Good luck.

  2. Interesting. You've talked about your writing before but can you share any details about what types of stories these are. Is it fiction or more along the lines of the blog and a HOW TO?

  3. Anonymous #1: Thank you!! :)

    Thanks! Elena and I are co-writing a paranormal romance novel. We are about half-way through the process and it somehow grew into a trilogy. Elena is also completing her own YA paranormal.

    Both of us love to read and will read anything. I found the Anita Blake series almost a decade ago. I had always loved Anne Rice and anything to do with the supernatural; with the Anita Blake series, though, a new world opened up. So, when the two of us discussed writing, there was no question as to which genre!

    With the blog, it is definitely NOT a how-to. I couldn't define it, even if I wanted to do so. It originated because we wanted to step out of our comfort zones and sharing our experiences with anyone reading was one way. It may not seem hard, but it is to us! Additionally, we thought it would be fun. Especially the Fridays! I love music and think it is a great stress reliever. What I've found in the weeks we've been doing it is that I also enjoy coming up with the themes. It's challenging and rewarding at the same time!

    I hope this answered your questions and that you are enjoying spending time with us!