Monday, May 2, 2011

Manic Monday: Spontaneity

Spontaneity Leads to Great Things: A Spontaneous Wedding

I grew up with lots of spontaneity in my life. I remember waking up on a Saturday morning and discovering that my parents were taking us on an impromptu trip. It could be to Disney World or Key West or another fun place kids like to go. It was exciting and adventurous. 

As I grew up, spontaneity became more difficult. I started planning and coordinating my life. I have a job where I am ultimately planning and coordinating things. While life is still exciting and adventurous, there aren't too many spontaneous moments. 

I think I equated spontaneity with childhood and felt that there was no place for it in my adult life. A couple of days ago, I got a call. A co-worker who has been with his partner for thirteen years was going to get married. He had talked about the two of them uniting privately, but at the last minute, they decided to have the ceremony at our boss's home. 

We arrived at her home on Saturday to find the two of them in their tuxedos, looking handsome and completely happy. Our boss had a cherry blossom tree in her yard that was blooming and it provided the perfect backdrop for their union. An ex-co-worker of ours officiated the ceremony and I, who have never been teary-eyed at a wedding, found myself misty-eyed while watching them profess their love for one another. It was a touching moment that was completely spontaneous. They didn't have any plans; all they had was one another. That was enough. 

I feel blessed to have been there to witness their ceremony and am thankful for spontaneity. It was a beautiful day that was made even more beautiful by their love. 


Hope you have an adventurous week!

Be Spontaneous & Forget the "To-Do List" 

Two of my personal goals can be tracked daily by either word-count or a pedometer. Tracking is consuming my life.  Tracking equates to planning and planning takes preparation.  All of this tracking, planning and preparation is making my life VERY structured. 

Sunday I woke up with loads of laundry to conquer, a lawn to mow, and a baseball game at noon to attend.  Plus, I wanted to write AND walk before the game.  What to do??? 

I was happy I had spontaneously chosen to take a walk that morning instead of doing the laundry.  Moreover, I didn't read the Sunday paper with my morning coffee.  Instead I wrote a few pages before the baseball game while sipping my coffee.  I could read the Sunday paper in the evening if I still wished to, but at least my writing goal was accomplished.

My husband and oldest son had been spontaneous about mowing the lawn because when I returned from my morning walk, I was happy to find the two of them mowing (yay!!! That got crossed off my list too!!).  Come to think of it, our family had spontaneously gone out for pizza on Saturday night and then went to a nearby park to walk around the lake.  The kids loved seeing the baby ducks in the water and playing on the playground at sunset.  All spontaneous fun that made the day memorable.

I'm going to remain spontaneous about walking & writing and will continue to take advantage of opportunities to accomplish these daily goals, all the while putting aside other less important tasks. 

Overall, I feel satisfied at the end of the day knowing I walked and wrote, regardless of the other things that didn't get accomplished.  I know I wouldn't have had the same feeling of satisfaction had I only cleaned the house and done the laundry. 

Go ahead and do what you feel is most important to do for the day - and be spontaneous about accomplishing it - and  then do anything else that needs to be done if time permits. 

Have a great week!



  1. M and E, I've been following your blog recently and absolutely LOVE it! This post made me feel better because sometimes I find myself sticking to too many "TO-DO" lists, and I wish I could stop. I have an insane obsession with "spreadsheeting" my entire life (is that a word - well now it is). Seriously, I make a spreadhseet for EVERYTHING. Hopefully I can stop soon and just let things happen as they may. BTW M, that photo is stunning, sounds like you had a wonderful time. =)

  2. Thanks Jenny! Michele is SOOO talented with her photography, we're both happy she has another public platform to show it off.

    Regarding the To-Do list, I will "spotaneously" start projects ALL the time (and my husband will say, "does this really have to get done now??!!"). I am never bored, I can always find something to do. Yet, these sudden projects will distract me from the things that really DO need to get done first. Therefore, I'm always finding myself struggling with my inner compulsions to get certains tasks done. But as I said in my blog - at the end of the day I really am more satisfied if I complete the things I intend to get done. At the end of the day, are you really that happy if your spreadsheet is updated? Or would something else make you more satisfied?