Monday, June 6, 2011

Manic Monday: Spark

I saw fireworks this weekend after sharing a kiss with the bf. The earth trembled, the sky lit up, and there was a whistling sound followed by a great, big boom. It was hot! Well, maybe it wasn’t exactly hot, but it was a warm night.

Even brighter than the moon moon moon...

The commercials always remind me of Grease.
We have a drive-in nearby that is always fun. Last season, we didn’t get a chance to go; so I was happy that they were showing The Hangover 2, which we were looking forward to seeing. I love watching a movie outdoors- the stars overhead, fresh air, cuddling. This night, we also got fireworks. I’m not one for them, really, but these were exciting and pretty surprising for a family-run drive-in theater!

 These fireworks cheered me up. I was in a funk due to the week I had at work (it was a short week, too, so that’s how bad it was). I was out of the funk way before the fireworks, but I’m still attributing the change in mood to them. Because they’re fun and sparkly. And because I want to.

I’m going to think of those fireworks and let them spark my creativity this week. And if work starts off the way it ended last week, I'll think of fireworks. Is there anything you use as a spark when you're just feeling blah?

Hope you all have a happy week full of fireworks!


The monkey was the best thing about the movie. Here she is at the drive-in!
PS Skip The Hangover 2. Re-watch the first one. 

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