Thursday, June 30, 2011

Transformers. Need I say More?

Bumblebee from Transformers

My week of "bachelorhood" has been overshadowed by conference mayhem.  Although, I'm including the Transformers photo above because that was the big movie premier in NYC this week (regretfully, I did not see Josh Duhamel as many conference attendees did).  I've been attending the national Romance Writers of America conference in NYC, which coincidentally ends tomorrow.  It's been an exciting event.  What was most exciting to see were the number of readers that attended the "open to the public" event Tuesday night at the hotel for the autograph signing.  The room was overflowing with best-selling authors signing books for their fans.  Unbelievably, the line wrapped around the hotel, even as the Transformers movie premier was setup on the street outside the hotel (see photo above that I took at noon that day while they were doing sound-check).

This is just a quick update...I'm off to Macy's, dinner, and then drinks at the downstairs dive-bar my brother frequents (daily??).  Being out of my element has been so much fun this week and the contacts I've made at the conference have been amazing.  So excited & positive about the possibilities with my writing.

I wonder if Josh Duhamel is still in's time I go looking for him...


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