Monday, June 13, 2011

Manic Monday: Expectations

Too many?

I didn’t expect summer to be upon us as quickly as it has. I also didn’t expect that I would feel as overburdened by my workload as I am. So what expectations did I have? I was looking forward to enjoying the outdoors, finding time to take a mini vacation where I could just do nothing, relaxing and reading the stack of books that have been accumulating, finding more time to write and paint…

Granted, summer is only beginning; still, looking at my calendar only makes me feel pressured to try to live to the expectations I have. Feeling as I am with work and time, I thought about a promise I made to myself as I sat in a leather recliner in my doctor’s office, an IV sticking out of my chest pumping drugs into my veins not even half a decade ago. I told myself that I would just be. 

While I have relaxed a great deal since then- despite what those who know me post-cancer might think- I am still a bit of a Type A person. I need to stop setting all these expectations upon myself and relax. I would say it’s something I need to work on, but I don’t want to worry about more expectations upon me! So I will just be and take things as they come. 

Hoping you all just be this week! 


Too few??

As Michele mentioned above, summer is upon us and with it, those relaxed, fun, enjoyable expectations of just sitting back and enjoying the warm weather (or stifling heat) and having fun with the kids while they're home.  Yet, how long till I'm wishing they're back at school? 

I am setting my expectations LOW this summer.  I will continue to write, mostly in the mornings since that's when I'm most productive. I have re-arranged my daily walks for the early morning (vs. the afternoons) before my husband goes to work so he's home with the kids while I'm working up a sweat.  I will reserve my afternoons for fun-time with the 3 boys (mostly attending the community pool).  And finally, the evenings will belong to my husband and I.   These are my - attainable - expectations for this summer.

But speaking of expectations, something that has been discussed lately in my house is pushing kids too far to excel at sports (at age 8 and 10 specifically).  I feel that too much pressure will eventually backfire once the kids are in their teens.  We will continue to support their sports interests and I do strongly believe that as they get older sports will keep them out of mischief (I hope), but my husband and I are not going to put the pressure of attaining a scholarship on their shoulders at this age, as many parents we are meeting at Little League, specifically, are.

Furthermore, I have recently submitted my writing for review so I'm sitting on pins and needles waiting for feedback.  Will my writing meet their expectations?  That is to be determined...


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