Monday, August 1, 2011

Manic Monday: August OMG!!!

August has opened its welcoming door to us all, and I am not happy about it. If we could have just extended the month of July a bit longer that would have been wonderful. Nothing personal against the month of August, but it represents so many things to me...

Book Deadline: Michele & I are on the path of completing a paranormal romance book that we are co-writing.  Very exciting to know the end is near, but also alot of pressure.  I have loved the process of co-writing w/ Michele and I'm looking forward to writing the other 2 books in our Demon series.  Perhaps we will post our 1st chapter as a teaser soon....

Back to School: The Sunday Target/Walmart/Sears/Staples ads are just a constant reminder that the kids will be going back to school at the end of the month.  This is bittersweet for me.  My kids DID NOT want to go to day camp this year (they went last year) so they've been very good about staying quiet (inside) during the day so I can write & work and usually by 2ish I have completed my work and I then reserve the rest of the day for them, which usually includes going to the community pool.  I've spent more time at the pool this year than any other year and find that the evening hours at the pool have been wonderful for us! I've had a great time with the kids this summer and my oldest will be going to a new school this year so that is a reminder of how they are growing up.

Baltimore Comic Convention: August 20 & 21.  My husband self-publishes a comic called The Gathering.  This is a labor of love for him and I'm happy to say he's publishing issues 4 & 5 over the next few months so order a copy and familiarize yourself with the series.  Michele & I collaborated on a love themed story called "Post Cards" for Issue # 5.  We will be at NY Comic Con in October at the Grayhaven/Gathering booth (yay, hubby got a booth this year!!) selling copies so come out and say HI if you're there.  But I diverge...Baltimore Comic Con is just weeks away and I have to lock down a hotel & plan for our trip, just one more thing to do this month.  I do LOVE the Baltimore Harbour and they have a fabulous Science Center that the kids & I spent hours in last summer (sorry Aquarium, you are just too crowded for my comfort, but I went last year and it is amazing so go when it's not peak time).

Fall: I'm not ready to retire my comfortable summer clothes for anything heavy and scratchy.  Before we know it, though, we'll be carving pumpkins, eating turkey, and holiday shopping (ugh!).  I'm not going to let thoughts of Fall enter my head just yet as I'm having too much fun going to the pool and being outside in the nice warm weather (ok, you'll find me inside w/ the AC cranked during a Heat Wave, but otherwise I love the warm weather).

So enjoy the rest of your Summer - as I will - and take advantage of your vacation time and make those last minute plans to travel before the weather changes to snow & ice.  Or, just enjoy the outdoors, or take in a summer blockbuster movie.  Whatever your Summer pleasure is, keep doing it....



  1. Great blog on your summer! I love August!

  2. Thank you, Sally!