Tuesday, August 30, 2011

When in Rome

Fifteen stops. That's how far Coney Island was from where my friend, L, and I stood. We were in the city on our very own photography adventure and what better photographic opportunity than the home of the Wonder Wheel and Cyclone? Off we went.

Fifteen stops later, we arrived. Every couple of feet I would pause to snap a picture (because who can resist a sign beckoning you to "bump your ass"?) and then we encountered the Freak Bar.

I had heard about the sideshow at Coney Island, but had never seen it in my previous visits. L and I looked at each other and reached into our pockets for the $10 admission price. Couldn't take any pictures inside, but it was still an adventure. Once the show started, though, I asked myself what was I thinking.

Now I love horror movies, but I cover my eyes during the gory parts. If I think the icky part is over I may peek but will quickly close my eyes if it's still not done. What does this have to do with the sideshow, you may ask. Well, there was lots of ick. It started with a guy swallowing razor blades and included someone hammering a nail into their face. Oh. And someone else swinging an anchor. From hooks. Attached to his EYES. Did I already say ick?

The best part, though, was when L "volunteered" to go on stage. Not for her, maybe, but definitely for me! I briefly had a flashback to when I would look everywhere but at the teacher in school hoping not to get called. Public speaking is so not my thing.

So I sat there starting to get clammy hands looking down as the guy who hammered the nails in his face looked in our direction. Next thing I knew, L is being encouraged up. Whew. I did feel really bad for her. Especially when hammer guy says he's putting her in the electric chair (my fear is public speaking. L's? Electricution!)

It was really cool, though, and L was awesome. Especially the finale of her "performance" when she started a fire with her tongue!

The afternoon ended at Nathans. Because when in Rome...

Ready for my next adventure!  --M

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