Monday, August 15, 2011

Manic Monday: Cheering with a Cowbell

My husband and I have become fans of the Sunday night TV show on NBC The Marriage Ref .

Tom Papa is the host and he alone usually gets my husband and I laughing.  Having been married for 13 years, I enjoy watching the issues that other couples disagree on.  Overall, the underlying issues always tend to revolve around one spouse giving the other more attention, or a spouse needing more "me-time", but the stories are so obscure and crazy it's fun to watch. 

Last night's show hit close to home because it included a story on a woman who was a fanatical football fan - she loved watching football on TV and particularly enjoyed watching her young sons play football.

Although I don't like football I have loved watching my son's play baseball and enjoy cheering them on.  I had one moment last Spring that they've been ribbing me for all year.  I've told them repeatedly that it wasn't my proudest moment, but I can't take it back, it happened.

The issue on the Marriage Ref was the woman's husband wanted her to tone down her cheering at their sons games.  She cheered loudly, she yelled, cursed and....rang a cowbell! 

When celebrity-judge Nick Cannon asked, "What's up with the cowbell?!?" she replied, "I'm proud of my sons."

All three judges sided with the mom, loving her enthusiasm.  Comedian/judge Jim Breuer even said that when the kids are older and look back on these moments they'll think, "Mom was crazy!"

I've toned down my own cheering after that one instance but I will continue to root for them (minus a cowbell!!!).  Let them look back and remember my enthusiasm and excitement  and even call me crazy. 

I too cheer for my boys because "I'm proud of my sons."


Q: What makes you cheer and shake a cowbell??

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